Traversing the Field: Conference Programme

Traversing the Field: Programme 

Saturday 30th April 2016, University of Dundee, Dalhousie Building

Stream 1: Lecture Theatre 1

9:00 Registration

9:30 Opening remarks

9:45 Panel 1 – Literary and historical engagements with Scottish landscape – Chair, Annie Tindley

  • Garry MacKenzie, University of St Andrews – Writing cross-country: Scottish literary tourism and walking in the footsteps of others
  • Jan Hogarth, Environmental Art Festival Scotland – Environmental Art Quest presented during Environmental Art Festival Scotland 2016
  • Andrew Jeffrey, Sheffield Hallam University – “A Pedestrian Way Round the Ramparts” – Berwick-Upon-Tweed and walking heritage

11:00 Coffee

11:30 Panel 2A – The gendered landscape – Chair, Rebecca Crowther

  • Blake Morris, University of East London – ‘The Walking Library: Relating the Landscape’
  • James Lesslie, Birkbeck, University of London – ‘A fearless female stranger’: Sarah Murray’s tour of Scotland and changing Highland landscapes in the late eighteenth century
  • Helen List, Manchester Metropolitan University – Walking within Film: Two women (Gilbertson and Tait) and insignificant steps within a landscape

12:45 Lunch

13:45 Panel 3A – Engagement with landscape in the Social Sciences – Chair, Shawn Bodden

  • David Gange, University of Birmingham – Retracing Trevelyan? Current Historical Practice & the Archive of the Feet
  • Kirsty Millican, Lochbrow Landscape Project – Walking Lochbrow: reflections on archaeological survey and the practice of walking
  • Rebecca Crowther, University of Edinburgh – Body and Boulder: Tactile encounter with Scottish ‘natural’ landscapes for personal transformation

15:00 Tea

15:30 Closing Talk, Chair David Gange

  • Claudia Zeiske and Anthony Schrag, Deveron Arts – Connecting Scotland to The Rest of the World: Deveron Art’s Walking Institute and the Lure of the Lost?

16:30-16:45 Open discussion/closing remarks


Stream 2: Room 1G06 

9:45 Morning workshop

Shawn Bodden, University of Glasgow – Walking the City: Community-Building through Shared Opportunity

Through this participatory performance art piece, the artist and audience will critically engage in the concept of city as a collaboratively performed and walked space. We will embrace Michel de Certeau’s claim that walking-as-practice converts inert ‘places’ into lived and shared ‘spaces’ by walking the performance space: participants will choose routes they have walked before–long ago, many times, or just that morning–and walk them on a smaller scale inside the room. We will saunter, linger, and meet one another as our paths cross, sharing memories from locales that have never before intersected. By mingling memory and space, our communal walking will produce a new map and new community. The event will conclude with an open discussion on bringing such ‘opportunities’ for shared interaction to our home communities and a rambunctious and rallying cry, “to the streets!”

11:30 Panel 2B – Landscape, walking and identity in the works of Michel Faber and John Burnside – Chair, Andrew Roberts

  • Rebecca Langworthy, The University of Aberdeen – A girl walks into the woods: self and nature in the work of Michel Faber
  • Valerie Beattie, Inverness College, University of the Highlands and Islands – Perambulatory possessions: Michael Gardiner’s walks in the devil’s footprints
  • Kristin Lindfield-Ott, Inverness College, University of the Highlands and Islands – Imagined journeys through Real Spaces: Faber, Burnside and the allure of the Scottish Landscape

13:45 Panel 3B – Ecological poetry and art – Chair, Alice Tarbuck

  • Alec Finlay – All-mhad barn, Allt Phouple, Bovaglie, and other sound-designating realities
  • Alan Macpherson, University of Aberdeen – ‘Sensuous singularity’?: Hamish Fulton’s Cairngorm Walk-Texts
  • Stuart Bennett, Edinburgh College of Art – Walking to Work
  • Tracy Mackenna, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design – Walking towards myself Camminare verso me stesso

15:30 Afternoon workshop

Simone Kenyon – Walking out of the body and into the Mountain: Feldenkrais and embodied ways of knowing.

The title of this session refers to Nan Shepherds’ explorations of the Scottish Cairngorms Mountain range through her book, The Living Mountain. Her writing presents her sensory and embodied experiences and suggests that the boundaries of body and mountain and the links between them are permeable, when she writes, “I have walked out of the body and into the mountain” (1974,106).

This 45 mins Feldenkrais indoor session will focus on the action of walking, bringing practical investigation into the function and awareness of how you walk in life and in Scottish landscapes.

Through this session Simone will briefly introduce her developing dance project exploring walking and embodied knowledge of the Cairngorms through following in the footsteps of Nan Shepherd.

About the Feldenkrais Method

The Feldenkrais Method® is an educational method focusing on learning and movement, which can bring about improved movement and enhanced functioning. It is named after its originator, Moshe Feldenkrais (1904-1984), an engineer and physicist as well as a Judo teacher.

By heightening our awareness of our movement, breathing and posture, the Feldenkrais Method® brings us closer to realising our full human potential. Bringing this into our lives, we learn to move more freely, with greater ease, flexibility and grace.

Group classes – what to expect

Lessons take place lying on the floor, sometimes sitting or walking. The teacher talks you through a sequence of movements that works like a physical riddle. Each new movement is repeated and explored, enabling you to become familiar with it, and to begin to play with unaccustomed movement relationships. By engaging your curiosity, gently and at your own rate, you learn to explore the world of your internal sensation. You learn to use this awareness to release chronic patterns of tension and create new movement possibilities.

Suitable for all ages and abilities. If you have any questions or specific needs you think Simone needs to be aware of prior to the session, please email:


17:00 drinks at DCA