This blog forms the main hub for the 2015 Traversing the Field Conference.

It will be held at the University of Dundee in October 2015.

The conference held is association with Scottish Centre for Land Futures & the Centre for Scottish Culture.


Thomas A. Clark writes, ‘walking is the human way of getting about’. B​ipedalism is​ fundamental to our experience of the environment​ and the self​, ​with a vast history as old as humanity. In the modern world, scholarship across the disciplines has engaged with walking – from Rebecca Solnit’s discussion of the disappearance of pavements to McFarlane’s dissection of the mountaineering impulse – and beyond, into land reform, land ownership, and conservation. From poets to pilgrims, activists to archaeologists, flâneurs to phenomenologists, walking has figured importantly in the activity of many different artistic, academic and religious practitioners. In this one-day conference, we will explore the different uses to which walking has been put and the different meanings derived therein, with particular focus on Scottish contexts. Hear from researchers in other disciplines, and walkers from outside academia, about their experiences of walking, and learn about other approaches to the Scottish environment.

We are seeking the broadest possible interdisciplinary scope for this project, and alongside those in Humanities, we look forward to papers in Law, Life Sciences, Ecology and beyond.

Please email abstracts of 200 words for 20 minute papers to traversingthefield@gmail.com by 17th July 2015.


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